VulgateAI is a new tool that allows users to query the Latin Vulgate (Clementine version) leveraging artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning. All approximate 35k lines of scripture were vectorized with the Vulgata-spaCy pipeline which was specifically trained on the entire Patrologia Latina to ensure that the embeddings would match well both Scripture and medieval Latin. These embeddings allow the tool to capture semantic and syntactic meaning, not just perform a naive fuzzy word search.

Semantic Shakespeare

Semantic Shakespeare allows users to leverage transformer models (AI) to semantically search the entire Shakespeare Corpus. Unlike a traditional search engine, semantic searching does not rely strictly on keywords. Instead, it allows users to search the entire Shakespeare Corpus purely from the semantic meaning of the search.

Carolingian Exegesis Manuscripts Database

The app is a database of a Word document originally created by Burton Van Name Edwards that collated known Carolingian works of scriptural exegesis. Python scripts were used to convert the original Word document into structured data. Because the parsing of the original document was automated, errors may remain. The original document can be found here