Python Tutorials for DH

This is a digital project designed to help humanists and non-programmers learn to code in Python.

Vulgata spaCy

Vulgata spaCy is a library built upon spaCy to automate the identification and extraction of potential Biblical quotes in medieval Latin texts.

WW2 spaCy

WW2 spaCyis a pipeline for processing primary and secondary sources for World War 2 and performing named entity recognition (NER). Currently, the pipeline is focused on United States-based military NER with plans to expand to include other countries in the near future.

Streamlit Pandas

This is a Streamlit component that allows users to easily create Pandas DataFrame query appliactions in Streamlit with just a few lines of Python.


This is a Python library for doing transformer-based topic modeling. It also generates a stand-alone HTML application for analyzing a topic model.


BioSpaCy is a spacy pipeline for processing biology texts. Currently, the pipeline can identify taxonomic data within unstructured texts.